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Our team!

Meet our K9 companions, Duck and Goose. Together, they are the life of our company. Both skilled in top-notch nosework and trained by some of the best trainers country-wide. They're not just our working dogs, they're loved and spoiled members of our family.


Abandoned in the winter by his previous family, Duck was rescued from a life on the streets by famous dog rescuer, Leah Biddinger. Helping Duck find a new home was easy, he's an amazing dog! His life story changed when Duck was trained to help other lost pets find their way home.


Duck is gentle and unassuming, and loves finding missing cats!  He also loves his 9 year old family member, belly rubs and chicken treats! 


Meet our juggernaut! Our sweet, huge, lovable Goose. Goose joined our pack when his previous owner had to move out of state. He had a great start to life, and continues to have a fun life in our pack. He loves to work, and is always up for a new challenge.  He is truly gifted in nosework and gets super excited to play hide-n-seek (and to eat Costco hotdogs. Who doesn't?).

Don't let those ears fool you, he's serious business when it comes to finding your pet!

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